Bee bread, which is fermented pollen, is a probiotic and natural food. Bee bread contains about 30% protein and B-complex vitamins, and vitamin K. Bee bread has traditionally been consumed for enhancement of male fertility. For example, research conducted at Zainal University in 2018 investigated the influence of pollen on the male reproductive system. The study separated 12 male rats into two groups as the treated group and the control group of which their sperm counts and sperm morphology evaluations were recorded at the beginning. The control group received only water, while the treated rats were administered with 0.5g/kg body weight of bee bread for 28 days. The study results demonstrated the enhancement of sperm count and sperm quality in rats treated with bee bread. The scientists recommended regular use of bee bread for enhancement of male fertility.

Reference: Zakaria FH, Haron MN. Effect of Bee Bread on Male Reproductive System of Sprague Dawley Rat. Journal Of Agrobiotechnology. 2018 Nov 1;9(1S):12-7.