Bee bread is the fermented pollen. Since it is also probiotic, it supports gut health. It is a natural remedy used commonly as support in curing various diseases as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. For example, a study carried out at Kaunas Hospital in 2012 examined the effect of beebread mixed with honey on the hepatic function and blood parameters in alcohol abuse patients who have chronic hepatitis. The trial involved five women and 13 men aging between 19-69. Patients from the control group used medicines and a special diet, but no herbal supplement and beebread. However, the group of 18 patients was treated with beebread mixed with honey (1: 2), 15 g twice a day in addition to medications, and herbal remedy. The results demonstrated that the use of drug and herbal supplements combined with a beebread–honey mixture reduced the CRP values, indicating an anti-inflammatory effect. Also, the AST, ALT, and bilirubin values reached normal levels after the treatment. The scientists observed that the patients tolerated the beebread–honey mixture very well with no adverse symptoms in the course of treatment. Besides, the authors concluded that beebread used together with medicines and herbal supplement showed a hepatoprotective effect and improved liver functions.


Reference: Čeksterytė, V., et al. "The use of beebread-honey mixture in the treatment of liver diseases in alcohol-dependent patients." Chemical Technology 60, 2 (2012): 62-66.