During seasonal changes, we usually suffer either from allergies or cold or flu with symptoms of cough, sore throat, itchy throat, and runny nose. The strength of our immune system determines how fast we can recover from those symptoms. Propolis is a bee product known for many ages, attracting many scientists from all around the world to investigate its health benefits more and more. In the light of available literature, propolis stimulates antibody production by activating B and T cells, and it directly supports the body's immune system. A scientific study published in the International Journal of General Medicine in 2016, evaluated the effect of a propolis-based mixture in a retrospective, open-label, controlled study of Streptococcus pyogenes-negative children with a diagnosis of acute otitis media (AOM) or pharyngitis. The results showed that the use of propolis supplement for 72 hours diminished the severity of AOM and viral pharyngitis and decreased the rate of evolution to tracheitis, bronchitis, and rhinosinusitis. The authors claimed that propolis could be used as a safe add-on therapy for AOM and/or viral pharyngitis.

Reference: : Di Pierro, F., Zanvit, A. and Colombo, M., 2016. Role of a proprietary propolis-based product on the wait-and-see approach in acute otitis media and in preventing evolution to tracheitis, bronchitis, or rhinosinusitis from nonstreptococcal pharyngitis. International Journal of General Medicine, 9, p.409.