Nothing is more worthy than the health of our kids. That's why we care very much about their diet with all-natural foods. One of the most well-known natural, nutritious food is royal jelly! It contains B-complex vitamins and minerals of magnesium, calcium, and iron in addition to 10-HDA and royalactin. Research carried out at Children's Hospital of Assiut University in 2016 investigated the immunomodulatory effects of fresh royal jelly administration on systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in children. The scientists studied SLE with some immunological markers (CD4+ and CD8+ regulatory T cells and T lymphocytes apoptosis). The trial included a total of 40 children of whom half received 2 g of freshly prepared royal jelly daily for 12 weeks. The rest was assigned as a control group without administrating royal jelly. The results demonstrated an increase in the immune cells of children treated with royal jelly. The authors concluded that three-month royal jelly treatment was efficient based on the clinical severity score and laboratory markers for the disease. Therefore, I do recommend treating your kids with one teaspoon of royal jelly, every day, for helping their mental and physical development. If bees are alive, then nature is!

Reference: Zahran, A.M., Elsayh, K.I., Saad, K., Eloseily, E.M., Osman, N.S., Alblihed, M.A., Badr, G. and Mahmoud, M.H., 2016. Effects of royal jelly supplementation on regulatory T cells in children with SLE. Food & nutrition research, 60(1), p.32963.